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Palmyrah Product development for Poverty Reduction (3PR) - Batticaloa

We identify Palmyrah Products is having big demand in local and international market. IDO also understood that the people living in remote villages have several skills like weaving and knitting which have growing market in Globalized world. Sensing these two sides IDO came up with a model project to initiate and link Palmyrah product development and linking with FAIR PRICE market.

IDO was involving in searching information in Market linkage, Raw Material processing techniques, organizing logistics for raw material and equipment supply related to product development and plan 3PR project.

Skilled officers were recruited with local knowledge .Training on Value Chain aspects of Palmyrah products were conducted by the lead trainer/consultant. Selected officers had two month designing period to Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) of this project.

Around twenty villages were selected in Batticaloa district depending on raw material availability, skill availability and also commitment of the palmyrah weavers.

Basic trainings on Palmyrah weaving were conducted in all of these villages. Specified products were assigned to each village depending on the skill level of the weaving group. Master trainer in Palmyrah weaving conducted continues coaching and skill assessment for all these villages. After none month orders from local market and international market were accepted. Each time a new product come to the production line, special product description and instructions were given by the Master trainer.

A skilled Program Manger decides the price of each product with the consultation of Master Trainer and Lead consultant/trainer. This is the specialty of 3PR project. In this step a negotiation with the buyer happen to assure Best Panerai Replica Watches omega replica watches each weaver of this project get minimum 150/= to 200/= every day . This will help buyer to develop long standing supply link with weavers. On the other side 3PR project will assure each weaver in this project will earn more than one dollar per day which is going along with Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG 1).

This project supports weaving community by

  • Providing Basic and advance training on Palmyrah weaving technique to remote village women, un employed youth, widows affected by war and differently able people.
  • Proving equipments to start production in poor villages through common service centre approach.
  • Linking with local and international buyers.
  • Designing and developing new Palmyrah products.
  • Linking with Micro finance intuitions for loan and other financial supports.
  • Registering small businesses related to palmyrah.
  • Developing Business Plans for Palmyrah Based Products and linking with Investors to start new business venture which will give income generation to poor villages.
  • Identify Demand of special products like "Palmyrah Leather", develop hygienic methods and recipes and conducting Technology transfer programs to potential.
  • Participating in Trade fairs and exhibitions with Weaving community and link them with new markets and service providers nationally and internationally.