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COVID-19 recovery for Agri Farmers: Capturing the opportunities of New Normal

During and after COVID-19 many farmers were severely affected as they could not sell their products to their traditional buyers. Due to lock down situation these farmers could not earn and re invest in their Agri activities too. As Banks were also not ready to take risk at this point of time and already most of the farmers were having enough loan, lending loans again is also not possible. But, as Sri Lanka is an Island and also having enough concern on importing Agri based products there is a very big opportunity for farmers to get involved in Agri activities by identifying “Critical Partners “ and also a system to come up from this unusual times.

Step 1: Market info Analysis

Based on several information provided by Government and private sectors, a deep analysis for Ten years was conducted by IDO. Based on this study specific Vegetable’s price variation in national Level Market was identified. It shows most of the farmers were cultivating low priced vegetables without targeting high prices as per the seasonal demand.

IDO was able to map the High-priced vegetables and plan a Crop Calendar to advise the farmers in this regard. as a Result of this study two crops which has high price during the whole year was spotted.

IDO will be working with farmers and buyers Nationally to come up with a Buy-Back agreement based cultivation model for these two spotted vegetables.

Step 2: Discussion with farmers

A Field trip and several Focused group discussions were conducted and farmers willingness to come up with Buy-Back and tehri conditions were tabulated. Based on farmer’s aspirations, expectations a MOU was developed.

Step 3: Identification of Buyer/sponsors/donors / NGOs and Projects for implementation

Based on the market analysis and draft MOU requirements, IDO is in the process of developing partnerships with interested stake holders to implement several models mentioned below and try to link the affected farmers with the suitable partners.

  • Model 1: Build-Operate-Transfer -BOT
  • Model 2: Build-Operate-Own - BOO
  • Model 3: Self-Funded Initiatives
  • Model 4: Hybrid / Farmer -Buyer MOU
  • Model 5: Buy Back agreement based